Carol Hales – years of debilitating Neck pain,no progress with Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractors or Pain clinic. I was lucky to find you and your work on me literally changed my life-you quickly intervened and helped me to understand my structure-best of all I’m now pain free,don’t require gabapentin or any other medication-you really are a ‘miracle worker Richard-in the words of a friend who hadn’t seen me in a while and was amazed by the difference in me.

Bob Jackson – I thought years of hard work had ruined my Shoulder but all my tendon and other problems have recovered with your efforts, and the pain in my leg on the same side also went as you said it would!

Justin Richards – his gentle holistic approach has resolved a series of occupational/RSI and Shoulder and Spinal problems that were greatly affecting my ability to work as an IT Consultant and to Commute to work around the country.
He expertly combines the soft tissue release and manipulation with Acupuncture and hands on Physiotherapy. I’ve regained my body and know how to keep pain-free. He changed all my Ergonomics so I can cope with the long hours and I now feel good and have resumed Running and Cardio excercise.

Elene Mathis – I survived two motorway crashes -treatment was useless until Richard was recommended to me. He understands how to approach trauma and multiple injuries and without him I would never have achieved such a good level of recovery. He helped me again through two pregnancies when I had severe back pain.

Margaret Redman – you got rid of all my Chronic Rib and Back pain, I’m 85 and I needed to regain my mobility! Thank you.

Charles Brittain – Richard saved me from bad Lumbar Disc injuries in my teens at Dance College, he enabled me to recover and continue a successful career in dance. Now as a choreographer I still consult Richard and recommend him very highly-he Integrates all the best and latest therapy disciplines brilliantly, he really understands the body. He was an early pioneer of Fascial Release techniques which he practises to an advanced level.

Lee Cochrane – being an Electrician led to difficult chronic neck and spinal pain with referred arm symptoms,Sciatica and knee pain. Richard does understand structure,and he worked on all the components simultaneously. He explained it all clearly and I am now virtually symptom free at work which I didn’t think possible. He maintains me at intervals and its well worth the cost!

Elizabeth Corkery (Anatomist) – ‘my mother suffered from severe nerve entrapment in her back leading to intense and relentless neuropathic pain-Richard relieved this by manipulating the Fascai and releasing nerves. He has amazing skills and he’s very up to date.

Anthea Saunders – I had joint problems as a child, many years of being a Primary Head Teacher and all the stress brought worsening joint,spine and nerve pain. By the time I retired I was in severe chronic pain and losing mobility. Richard understood all the elements of the problem, linked it all up and cleared most of my pain with all his skills in a way that I could cope with. He identified unusual problems in the shoulder and guided me to the right Consultant. Things could have been very different, fortunately Richard had the scope of practice and ability to help me. I can now enjoy my Retirement and I still do the exercises and use my mobile phone correctly!

Alan Bloomfield – I’m 74 years old and was resigned to symptoms from worsening neck Spondylosis, always muzzy head and variable low back pain. Your gentle hands on treatment and the Acupuncture have resolved everything-its made a huge difference to my quality of life.

Stuart Prior – I suffered a head and upper neck injury which seriously affected my work on the Farm and left me with dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus and strange weakness in my body.
Nobody could help me, GP or NHS referrals. Richard understood how to gently decompress my upper spine and stabilise my neck-he explained the mechanics of this and the effects of my upper cervical instability were finally resolved. I feel fine now and I’m in control even when lifting and driving the tractor – Richard knows how to heal.

Veena Sandhu – Richard treated my Mums arthritis brilliantly over twenty years ago. Eventually I needed help from him with various joint pains. I did not need the ‘Carpal tunnel’ surgery or Knee Surgery the Physician recommended because Richard proved it was all ‘referred pain ‘. With his help I have recovered from all these problems. Richard is very skilled, even the Acupuncture is just an extension of his hands. Its amazing how him working on one region can strongly and positively influence another area of the body, and you can feel the recovery happening. Richard explains the practical anatomy well and enthuses you to do a few special exercises to stabilise and strengthen – he helped motivate me back into general exercise,so now I understand how to look after my body ….. and I’m not worried about it!

Dr Mark Strathern – losing my Mobility with Knee arthritis (too young for surgery) your excellent treatment and advice made a tremendous difference to my pain, I can now walk well again,and travel abroad.

Donna Stokes  – Horse Riding falls hastened Spondylosis, Fibromyalgia and Disc/nerve pain, basically cycles of pain throughout my body. What had been diagnosed as ‘Frozen Shoulder’ Richard found was part of a regional Spinal, Shoulder Girdle and connective tissue problem which he resolved. How he clears all the linked symptoms is amazing-he knows how to release nerve and Fascial contractures so his spinal manipulations did not hurt me, they just helped. Always feel at ease with his calm and happy nature, its reassuring to know he can always help me. I recommend Richard Leigh to anybody. I now live a normal and virtually pain free life, and I can Ride my Horse.